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Quiz By : PeachSplash

How much do you understand Warrior Cats

1.  Who is the first ever medicine cat?
 Its Jayfeather (The blind one)
 Cloud Spots

2.  Name the four, sorry, six clans.
 Riverclan, Lightningclan, Shadowclan, Skyclan, WIndclan and Starclan
 Thunderclan, Swiftclan, Shadowclan,Windclan, Skyclan and Wisperclan
 Riverclan, Thunderclan, Shadowclan, Skyclan, Windclan and Starclan

3.  Name the steps a Cat goes through in order in clan life.
 Kit, Apprentice, Warrior and finally Elder
 Kit, Warrior, Apprentice and finally Elder
 Elder, Warrior. Kit, and Apprentice
 Warrior, Apprentice, Kit and Elder

4.  Who is the cat Firestar became mates with?

5.  Pick the FALSE warrior code
 Kill everyone you see
 Make sure the clan is fed before you eat
 Respect your elders
 You must be at least six moons old to be apprenticed

6.  Name the first Warriors book ever
 into the forest
 Long Shadows
 River of fire

7.  On question 6 I put all real warriors book names for the anwsers. Did you notice?
 Yes!! Duh...
 NO!!! Duh..

8.  Okay... last question: What do you have to do before becoming deputy?
 Killed a cat
 Have kits
 Mentor at least one apprentice
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