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Quiz By : Ayasi_Uchiha

What type of anime guy is for you?

1.  Which weapon would you choose to use?
 my bare hands
 any weapon i could grave
 peace is all that matters!!
 my fathers sword

2.  Where would you perfer to live out of the following
 in the wood
 As long as theres power
 traveling with you
 near a Raman shop
 in the city nr my friends
 doesn't matter to me

3.  what type of music style is best to you
 punk rock
 smooth jazz

4.  What color do you like out of the following?
 none of the following
 none of the following

5.  What color do you like out of the following?

6.  which of the following anime girls do you wish to be?
 none of the folowing

7.  what is your favorite animal out of the following?

8.  which of the following book do you perfer?
 Midnight chose
 Harry potter
 Anime mange
 Who has time to read

9.  what color hair attracts you the most?
 red head
 All of the above

10.  what is your favorite elememt?

11.  Where would you rather be right know?
 out side in the rain
 in he wood alone
 IN a fantasy world
 away from school with my crush
 Idk at home

12.  LAST QUESTION: There was a war going on in you state and you are being forced in, how would you prepare for the war
 I fight strangth out and know if I die I die for me friends
 I would show everyone that I am strong and fight in the war i believe i can win!
 If there's power I shall fight for it, To me war will help me grow stronger
 IF I fight in this war will It help my world or should I run away from it?I would run away from it war is usless.
 Ha. Maybe ifi fight they will look up to me? I choose to fight
 I won't fight i want freedom and peace! PEACE!! | Copyright 2006-2008